6 Good Reasons to Work With Me

I speak your language.

I’m fluent in code, but also in strategy, operations, finance, marketing, public relations, typography, editorial, and many other disciplines that impact your business. No matter which part of your team I’m working with, we’ll be able to find common ground.

I communicate clearly, and often.

I respond promptly to emails. I won’t waste your time explaining something in 5 paragraphs if I can say it in 5 words. I’ll never disappear into my nerd cave in order to “concentrate”, only to emerge a week later with something you didn’t ask for.

I know how to tell a good story.

The ability to turn your story into a compelling narrative is central to your success. I’ve told stories about hubris and cybercrime, posh hamburgers, and The Fair Use Doctrine. Let me help you tell your story in a way that speaks to your audience and makes your value as clear to them as it is to you.

I get things done.

Unsurprisingly, engineers love to tinker, and often spend hours tweaking performance, testing new tools, or reinventing the wheel. I spend my time where it will make the most difference to the users.

I do it once, and do it right.

When faced with a difficult problem, the first impulse is usually to dive in and start coding. I take the time to carefully evaluate options before committing time and money to a solution.

I treat people with respect.

Including those who disagree with me, or who don’t look, speak, or think like I do. I genuinely like being around people, and I do my best to make sure those who work with me enjoy it.

Let’s Make Something Awesome